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  • Apocalypse3:17
  • I Will Run To You4:51
  • Straight From The Heart 3:18
  • Run3:33
  • Pandora's Box3:25
  • Sinister Illusions5:10
  • The Demon Inside -Jaykle0:00
  • Wonderland4:10
  • Burn3:14
  • Deluded4:27
  • My Way Home3:16
  • The Darkness4:41
  • S.O.S.4:05
  • Reign4:38
  • Stay4:08
  • Finland4:29
  • 1 Fading Light5:32
  • Coke Monkey4:42
  • Imperfect -J-Hoe 3:57
  • Katamonks Dapidjin4:15
  • Mind Freedom-Bidz3:00
  • Mood Cycles Mr Mood4:19
  • Unconditional - Mix 2.3 Dither3:45
  • Rebelation3:10

Watch These Cool Independent Music Videos 

Marchristiansen Instrumental /

  Fushion / Rock / Jazz / Funk                                                                                    

Worhol -  

Alternative Rock                           

The Ridah G.O.D -

World Independent 

Jael  Johnson - Indie /

Pop /Singer / Songwriter  

Rewind -

Rock /Metal /Punk 

Ben Sey -

 Singer / Songwriter  

Ksenia Yes - Pop / Rock   

Dirty Rhythm Show  -

Rock / Metal / Blues


iScat - Alternative /

Experimental /

Electronic / Acoustic 

Dream Aria -

Rock / Indie / World Music 

Mark G -

R&B / Soul / Gospel 

Messinger Music -

Pop / Dance /Jazz

Ma Rie  - Reggae /Hip Hop 

Iga Victoria  - Pop 

Elisa Duwez - EDM / House 

 / Dance /Electro

Big Fat Cat Ugly Bat -

Electronic /Ambient /


Nicole Zuraitis  -

Jazz/  Singer /Songwriter 

AKA Raunitus

Hip Hop / R & B 

Amber Wilson -

Indie / Country / Folk 

Aoede -

Pop / Childrens / 

Singer / Songwriter  

English Dave Elmon -

Jazz / Latin Jazz /Producer 

J-Hoe -

 Hip Hop/Rock /Funk 

Dorina Papazoglou -

Pop / R&B


Nubia Emmon- R&B

Soul /Hip Hop / Pop / Rap  

Pete Foerster -

Country / Blues 

Chimera -

Progressive Rock / Ballad 

IceChrystalls -

Alternative / Acoustic / Pop

Charlie Kelsey -

Hip Hop 

Jaykle -Rock

/ Hip Hop / Singer /Songwriter 

Minor Nine - Metal /

Rock / Alternative Rock 

Elixr -

Electronic / Funk /House 

Annie Goliath -

Damaged Valentine

Iscat-Take My Hand 

The Glumsters - Design For Life 

Amber Wilson - Salvation 

Jaykle - The Demon Inside  

Stirling -

Rock /Alternative 

Worhol - The Darkness 

Featured Video 

Ali Doodle -

The Itsy Bitsy Spider Song  

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